Diarrhoea Treatment (Atisara Chikitsa) – Ayurvedic Prescription forCommon Disease

Diarrhoea is a Disorder of Digestive System. In ayurveda we deal with Jathara agni (Stomach fire). Balancing Jathara agni & […]

Diarrhoea is a Disorder of Digestive System. In ayurveda we deal with Jathara agni (Stomach fire). Balancing Jathara agni & Dosha is primary job in Digestive problem. Pachan and Deepan Herbal Drug is given to patient for balancing Dosha and agni.

Diarrhea- Loose, watery bowel movements that may occur frequently and with a sense of urgency.

These are certain suggested choice only. The panchakarma and other procedures if any required may be rationally adopted by physician on case to case basics. The above mentioned dose is for the use of adults. However, dose and duration of therapy, pathya & apathya may be conveniently decided by the physician on case basis on ayurvedic principles.

Atisara Chikitsa

Atisara can be treated by signal formulation or Compound formulation of Herb Plants. According to the availability and Choice of Doctor, Patient examination. The Single and Compound formulation is used.

Single Formulations for Atisara

S.No. Name of Formulation Ausadh Kalpana Dose Form Matra (daily Dose) Anupana Textual Reference
1 NagaKesara Curna (mesua ferrea) Curna 3gm BD Butter/Honey B.R. Atisara chikitsa
2 Kutajavaleha (Holarrhena antidysenterica) Avaleha 12gm BD Water B.R. Atisara Chikitsa
3 Kutaja Twak (Holarrhena antidysenterica) Curna 3gm BD Buttermilk C.S.Su 25

Compound Formulation for Atisara

Sl No. Name of Formulation Ausadha Kalpana (Dosage form) Matra (Daily dose) Anupana Textual reference
1 Brhat Dadimastaka Curna Curna 3gm BD Buttermilk, Honey S.S.Ma.K. 6/64
2 Laghu Gangadhara Curna Curna 3gm BD Buttermilk, Honey B.P. Atisara adhikara
3 Brhat Gangadhara Curna Curna 3gm BD Rice water, Honey B.P. Atisara adhikara
4 Kapitthastaka Curna Curna 3gm BD Hot water Y.R. Atisara chikitsa
5 Kutajarista Arishta 20 ml BD Equal Qty. of water after meals S.Y. part- 1,7th prakarana
6 Cangeri Ghrta Ghrta 10 gm BD Hot water B.P. atisara adhikara
7 Kapura Ras Vati 125 gm BD Honey B.P. Atisara Chikitsa

Pathya in Atisara – What to do in Diarrhea

Cereals Old sali rice, porridge (daliya)
Pulses Masura, green gram (mudga)
Fruits vegetables Jambo (jambu), pomegranate, bilva, banana, lisora, bottle gourd (lauki), patola
Others Honey, cumin, coriander, buttermilk, goats milk
Life style Fasting, sleeping, rest & relaxation

Apathya in Atisara – What not to do in Diarrhea

Cereals Refined flour (maida)
Pulses Peas (Matara), Black gram (udada), chickpea (cana)
Fruits vegetables Jack fruit (katahala), beans, long cucumber (kakadi), cucumber (khira), bathua, pumpkin, plum (badara, bera), grapes
Others Excess intake of water, sugarcanes juice, betel nut, betel, alcohol, curd
Life style Exercise, sudation, bathing, massage, tub-bath, snuffing, sunlight exposure, day sleeping, smoking, anger, sexual indulgence, night, awakening, suppression of urges.

All above information is taken from Central Council of Indian medicine (CCMI) – CLASSICAL AYURVEDIC PRESCRIPTIONS FOR COMMON DISEASES

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