5 Mobile Apps every Bams Students Should Install Right Now

If you are doing BAMS course then you should install this application on your phone right now because these applications add value to your life. We have found some good applications on google play that are really helpful for BAMS Ayurveda Students. 1. Ayurveda Siddhi Bams Exam Prep. App About App: Ayurveda Siddhi Android application […]

If you are doing BAMS course then you should install this application on your phone right now because these applications add value to your life. We have found some good applications on google play that are really helpful for BAMS Ayurveda Students.

1. Ayurveda Siddhi Bams Exam Prep. App

About App: Ayurveda Siddhi Android application is made for Bams students. Now Bams students can practice important Mcq questions for Aiapget, CHO, AYSUH UPSC, and Other BAMS Competitive exams.
Bams Notes and previous Question papers pdf for
BAMS 1ST PROF Notes and Question papers
BAMS 2ND PROF Subject Notes and Previous Question papers
BAMS 3RD PROF Notes and Question papers
BAMS 4TH PROF Notes and Question papers
The key to success for any exam is consistent practice and revision. Your rate of success in bams exam is directly proportional to number of hours you are spending in doing questions practice and revision. It is free app with all Samhitas important question asked in entrance exam. Important Question from Charak Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Ashtanga Hridhay, and other major and minor Samhitas will help you to practice and achieve your dream. Let crack Ayurveda pg exam together. If you feel like to talk with me and want help then you can join our WhatsApp and telegram groups where all Ayurveda aspirant like me and you are studying and discussing doubts with each other. Comment your query and rate us according your experience.

2. Chikitsa Srotas

About App: Chikitsa Srotas is the first unique application in Ayurveda with voice assistance for Ayurvedic scholars to learn in a harmonious process. It is a genuine blend of innovation and technology with Ayurveda, which aids for better understanding and learning of Ayurvedic treatment principles. This application will be more beneficial for BAMS Final year students, Interns and General practitioners for an easy revision of the treatment principles, and for those students who confront difficulty in comprehending slokas with its pronunciation and musical annotation for the ease of learning.

3. Dravya – Ayurveda Database

About App: Dravya is a huge collection of data on ingredients and products of Ayurveda. Dravya has amazing search capabilities and it is quite easy to use.
Precise information, the moment you want it
Dravya is designed keeping the serious Ayurveda community in mind. It is optimized for quick and convenient use. Access tons of authentic and referenced information on herbs, animal products, metals, minerals, gemstones and formulations. Dravya can be used as a quick reference tool with detailed information on identification, properties and uses of ingredients and products. No more wasting precious study time or work hours collecting basic info for your learning, practice or research in Ayurveda. Dravya will be a trusted companion in your journey to become more efficient and effective with Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic upchar.
Get regular updates on new Ayurveda medicines, Ayurveda tips and Ayurveda treatments.
An ever-growing library in your pocket
It is humanly impossible to memorize and recollect thousands of ingredients and products mentioned in all of classical Ayurveda books. Keeping track of the products in the market is also a daunting task. Most of the current sources of this information are difficult to access, unreliable or confusing. This is where Dravya comes in handy. Dravya is like an ever-growing reference book focusing on dravyaguna, rasashastra and bhaishajya kalpana. Dravya bypasses all the hassles of having to carry bulky books or having to go through all the pages to find that tiny but important piece of data.
Dravya has listed ingredient names in more than 20 Indian and International languages. The content is presented in minimum words and in simple English with exact Sanskrit or technical terms given along with the translation. For Ayurvedic diet planners, Dravya has also included the nutritive values and food incompatibilities (viruddha).
Dravya has ‘multi-search’, a unique feature that enables you to type in multiple related keywords and get filtered results. For example, with multi-search, you can look up an herb belonging to daśamūla, with sweet taste, cooling potency and pitta reducing capacity which may be given for bladder pain and burning sensation. Or you can search for a proprietary product which is in powder form, used for diabetes, made by a specific manufacturer. Try typing in conditions like fever, cough, vomiting and you will get a list of only those ingredients and products that are indicated for all these conditions together.
Essential Pack & Professional Pack
‘Essential Pack’ is the free version of Dravya that you download initially. In this version, you can get search results based on brand name or ingredient name in different languages or by scientific name. You can also type in Actions and Indications and list out all relevant ingredients and products.
Upgrade to the full version called ‘Professional Pack’ and unleash the full potential of Dravya. Get access to premium features like ‘multi-search’, high-res images and some of the core Ayurvedic content like Indications, Contraindications, Usage etc.
The trusted tool for an expert vaidya
Dravya can be your reliable companion in basic learning, recollection, advanced study or research in Ayurveda. With Dravya, you can access the deepest of Ayurvedic knowledge and analyze multiple data in the shortest possible time. Dravya can assist you in incorporating Ayurveda in clinical practice and daily living. It will help you craft Ayurvedic home remedies with ease and confidence.
Building Dravya was thorough fun and a great learning experience for us. We wish our users an even more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


About App: Charaka Sutrasthana 4th chapter is the Reference of Charaka Mahakashaya Varga. it is an exclusive app for Ug, Pg students and Ayurvedic Clinicians. Its a ready reckoner for the students during exam times.

5. Collection of Ayurveda Samhita

About App: Collection of Charaka Samhita,Susrutha Samhita,Ashtanga Hridaya,Kashyapa Samhita,Bhava Prakasam,Madhava Nidana,Sarngadhara Samhita,Bhela Samhita,Harita Samhita and Yoga Sutra. only in sankrit shloka available no description.

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