Are you a BAMS student looking for a Whatsapp group to connect with your peers and get useful resources for your course? If yes, then you are in luck! We have created a list of Ayurveda Whatsapp groups that are specially designed for students pursuing BAMS. Whether you are in 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, Internship, or preparing for PG or Ayurveda Medical Officer exams, you will find a group that suits your needs. These groups are moderated by experienced Ayurveda practitioners and teachers who will share valuable study material and posts related to your BAMS course. To join these groups, simply click on the links below and follow the instructions. Hurry up and join now before the groups get full!

Hey, welcome to our WhatsApp group for Ayurveda college students! Before you join, please make sure you read the rules below. They are important to keep the group fun and friendly for everyone.

1. Don’t send any rude or inappropriate stuff. We have zero tolerance for that and we will report you to the authorities if you do.
2. Don’t spam the group with irrelevant messages or links. We will kick you out if you annoy us.
3. Don’t promote anything without asking the admin first. We don’t want any unwanted ads or scams in the group.

If you agree to these rules, you can send me a WhatsApp message with your name, college name, and batch. I will add you to the group according to your batch ASAP.

Whatsapp Group Links for BAMS Students:-

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