Effect of Agnikarma on Body | How AgniKarma works? by Ayurveda Sidhi

How Agnikarma works and its effects on the body.

Agnikarma effect on Body Ayurveda Siddhi

i. Effect on Metabolism:  Our hypothesis is that the site where heat burns are  carried out improves the local tissue metabolism;  therefore, various metabolic and rejuvenating changes  take place at the site of heat burns. Consequently, this  leads to an increased demand of oxygen and nutrients  for the tissues at the site of heat burn. It also excretes  the unwanted metabolites and toxins.    

ii. Effect on the blood circulation:  After performing Dahan, the superficial, sensory  nerves get stimulated. This leads to the dilatation of local  blood vessels, resulting in an increased blood  circulation. Apart from this, it also decreases the  viscosity of blood and thus leads to decreased blood  pressure.    

iii. Effect on pain:  Due to increased local metabolism, the waste products  (metabolites), which are produced, and thrown out.  This normalizes the blood circulation, resulting in the reduction  of pain intensity.    iv. Effect of heat on nerves:  It reduces the excitability (quick response to stimuli)  of nerves.    

v. Effect of heat on body temperature:  Heating affects the vasomotor centers causing a  general rise in temperature. Some patients experience  severe pain after heat burn therapy, but it subsides on  its own in due course of time.  

vi. Agnikarma removes srotasavarodh, improves local  blood circulation and neutralizes Sheeta, Chala,  Khara and Ruksha Guna of Vyana Vata.

How does Agnikarma works? (Explained using flow Chart)

Agnikarama working in Ayurveda for treatment

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