Medical Astrology Module 1: NCISM Elective Course 2024

Feeling drained for NCISM Elective? Don’t let the uncertainty linger! Join our exclusive community on Telegram and WhatsApp (Ayurveda Sidhi) […]

Feeling drained for NCISM Elective? Don’t let the uncertainty linger! Join our exclusive community on Telegram and WhatsApp (Ayurveda Sidhi) and access the most accurate answer keys for your NCISM Elective Course Exam, prepared by experts! Here we share Medical Astrology Module 1.

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Explanation of Medical Astrology Concepts

Heart Representation in Birth Chart

  • The heart is indicated by the Fourth House in the birth chart according to medical astrology.

Possibility of Flatulence

  • The planet Mercury is associated with the possibility of flatulence in medical astrology.

Zodiac Signs Representing Heart Condition

  • The zodiac signs Taurus and Scorpio are significant in representing the condition of the heart in medical astrology.

Zodiac Sign in Fourth House with Aries Ascendant

  • If a person has an Aries ascendant in their birth chart, the zodiac sign in the Fourth House will be Cancer.

Causative Planet of Mind

  • The Moon is considered the causative planet of the mind in medical astrology.

Planet Responsible for Hydrophobia

  • The planet Moon is responsible for the possibility of hydrophobia in medical astrology.

Irregular Sleep Indicator

  • The planet Moon indicates the possibility of irregular sleep according to medical astrology.

Houses Representing Pelvic Region

  • The 10th to 3rd Houses represent the pelvic region in the birth chart in medical astrology.

Representation of Uterus in a Woman’s Birth Chart

  • The uterus is represented by the 7th House in a woman’s birth chart in medical astrology.

Causative Planet for Sperms (Ovum)

  • In male and female reproductive systems, Venus is the causative planet for sperms (ovum).

Major Planets in Women’s Menstruation

  • Moon and Mars play major roles in women’s menstruation according to medical astrology.

Causative Planet of Liquid in Urine

  • The causative planet of the watery part present in urine is Moon in medical astrology.

Planet Associated with Courage and Tuberculosis

  • Excessive courage or audacity leading to tuberculosis is linked to the planet Mars in medical astrology.

Tuberculosis Due to Malnutrition

  • The inauspicious position of Saturn indicates the possibility of tuberculosis due to malnutrition.

House Representing Lungs

  • The 6th House represents the lungs in the horoscope in medical astrology.

Tuberculosis Indicator in Ascendant with Mercury

  • The lord of the Ascendant, along with the planet Mercury, situated in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house indicates the possibility of tuberculosis according to the verse provided.

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