CHILD PSYCOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 4 (Section 4) NCISM Elective Subject MCQs Answer Key

BAMS students who want to get the solutions for the NCISM elective Child Psychology Assignment 4 questions then you are […]

BAMS students who want to get the solutions for the NCISM elective Child Psychology Assignment 4 questions then you are at the right place here you will get correct answers for Child Psychology Assignment 4 (Section 4). You can join our WhatsApp group or telegram channel for other subject Assignments answers.

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NCISM Electives: These are online courses that B.A.M.S./ B.U.M.S/ B.S.M.S/ B.S.R.M.S students can take to learn more about different subjects that are connected to their main subjects. The electives help the students to expand and deepen their knowledge of their fields.

Each elective is forty-five hours long and has five parts. Each part has nine hours of activities.

The activities are five hours of learning from videos, slides, audio, images, and other materials, two hours of doing tasks or homework, one hour of talking to experts or thinking about what they learned, and one hour of taking a test. There are five tests for each elective.

Note: The electives are extra hours of study that are not included in the regular teaching hours of B.A.M.S. according to the rules.

1. What does our behavior mostly depend upon?

✔ Our thinking and learning 

Our parents

Our economic status

Our caste

2. What is intelligence?


Capacity to work hard

✔ capacity to reason – 


3. How many types of main motivations?


2 ✔



4. When the cause of stimulus is external to the person in known as…. motivation.

Competence motivation

Intrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation – ✔

Attitude motivation

5. What is Linguistic intelligence?

Ability to use the Language – ✔

Ability of Reasoning 

Ability of Social relationship

Ability of Creativity

6. What is relatively permanent change in the behavior of a person called?


Learning – ✔



7. The stage of child’s acute emotional change is:- 


Early Childhood

Adolescence – ✔

Middle Childhood

8. Which of the following is the primary agent of socialization for very young children?




Family – ✔

9. Process of primary socialization begins from ____

Infancy – ✔

Early Childhood


Middle Childhood

10. ____ refers to the learning that children undergo when they enter social institutions such as school


Passive Socialisation 

Passive Socialisation 

Secondary Socialisation – ✔

11. How many types of socio-economic status in the society?


3 – ✔



12. How to determine the socioeconomic status of a family in the society?




All of the above – ✔

13. what is the age range of the adolescent stage?



10-19yr – ✔


14. Diversity and Inclusion well managed do not help us to:

Better understand our customers

Generate value from creativity innovation

Provide diverse ideas, opinions, and solutions

None of these – ✔

15. Which of the following is not an effective strategy to accommodate diversity in a classroom?

Finding out the student’s social and cultural context of the students

Adapting pedagogy as per the student’s different backgrounds – ✔

Providing a variety of examples that are meaningful to all students

Using  a standard set of instructions and ignoring the background of learners

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