BAMS students who want to get the solutions for the NCISM elective MICROBIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 1 questions then you are at […]

BAMS students who want to get the solutions for the NCISM elective MICROBIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 1 questions then you are at the right place here you will get correct answers for MICROBIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 1. You can join our WhatsApp group or telegram channel for other subject Assignments answers.

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NCISM Electives: These are online courses that B.A.M.S./ B.U.M.S/ B.S.M.S/ B.S.R.M.S students can take to learn more about different subjects that are connected to their main subjects. The electives help the students to expand and deepen their knowledge of their fields.

Each elective is forty-five hours long and has five parts. Each part has nine hours of activities.

The activities are five hours of learning from videos, slides, audio, images, and other materials, two hours of doing tasks or homework, one hour of talking to experts or thinking about what they learned, and one hour of taking a test. There are five tests for each elective.

Note: The electives are extra hours of study that are not included in the regular teaching hours of B.A.M.S. according to the rules.

1 Who has described the grem theory of life

Correct Answer:- Louis Pasteur

2- Which bacteria is present in clusters

Correct Answer := Staphylococcus

3- Mechanism of direct transfer of free DNA

Correct Answer: Transformation

4- The smallest viruses size

Correct Answer:- Parvovirus

5- The largest viruses size

Correct Answer:- Pox virus

6- Yeast like fungi is.

Correct Answer:- Candida

7- Most common commensal in the intestine is

Correct Answer – Escherichia coli 

8- Mycoplasmas are bacterial cells that

Correct Answer: Are resistant to penicillin

9-Pili in bacteria is an organ of

Correct Answer:- Protection

10- Which of the following is ionizing radiation?

Correct Answer:- Gamma rays

11- Autoclaving is carried out at

Correct Answer – Above 100 degree

12- Discontinuous heating is carried count in

Correct Answer:- Tyndallization

13- The temperature for pasteurization is

Correct Answer – Below 100 degree

14- Outer covering protecting nucleic acid of viruses

Correct Answer – Capsid

15- viruses are classified based on

Correct Answer – Nucleic acid

16 Viruses contain

Correct Answer:-Capsid

17- Antibiotics include

Correct Answer:- Penicillin

18- Common antibiotics like Penicillin action

Correct Answer:-Cell wall

19- What do the protozoa plasmodia cause?

Correct Answer:- Malaria

20- What type of antibiotics works by affecting cell wall synthesis?


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