Sharir Rachna notes pdf Download | रचना शारीर नोट्स Bams 1st year

In Bams First Year Rachna Sharir (Human Anatomy) is one of the important subjects. You can download Sharir Rachna notes pdf file. 

Bams rachna sharir notes

What are some good Books of Rachna Sharir?

For the Ayurveda portion, you can take one of the most student favorite books “Rachna Sharir by Mahendra Singh”

For the modern portion, I will advise you to read from B.D. Chaurasia or Grey’s Anatomy. If you want you can read the modern portion from Mahendra Singh (sufficient knowledge for passing Bams 1st year exam).


Download Rachna Sharir Notes Pdf

Notes Size Download
रचना शारीर 29 MB Download
रचना शारीर आयुर्वेद part-1 8 MB Download
रचना शारीर (modern correlation)-2 70 MB Download
रचना शारीर (modern correlation)-1 41 MB Download
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