How to make Dravya guna Vigyan Herbarium file – Practical Compilation

In Bams 2nd profession practical exam Herbarium file is one the most interesting and exhausting work. Yes, I know a lot […]

In Bams 2nd profession practical exam Herbarium file is one the most interesting and exhausting work. Yes, I know a lot of student don’t like this assailment at all, but now what can student do, this Herbarium file work definitely has to be done because it has marks in the practical exam. So let me tell you what is herbarium sheet and how to make it.

    What is Herbarium?

    Collection of persevered plant specimens is called Herbarium. The sheet used to paste the plants specimens is called Herbarium sheet. 

    What is require to make Herbarium file?

    You need 3 things to make herbarium file. 
    Number 1, You have to collect plants parts like leaf’s, flowers, fruit, stems, or roots. 
    Number 2, Herbarium Sheet – it is white sheet. Dimension of Standard Herbarium Sheet is 42 x 29cm in length and wreath. 
    Number 3, Polythene transparent Cover  – It is used to cover the plant after pasting on to the herbarium sheet. It protect the plant from external damage and frictions. 
    Number 4, Accessories – You need tape, Scissors, and glue for Pasting trimming and fixing the plant specimens. 

    How to make Herbarium File?

    First, Take a Plants part which you have collected from garden. Then wash them gently with clean water and Keep them dry for while.
    Second, Take a Herbarium sheet and take plant specimen. Paste it on the center if the sheet with the help of glue or tape. 
    Third, Use transparent polythene cover and cut is accordingly in a square or rectangle shape. Put it on the plant and use tape at the corners to fix it.

    Why Bams Students have to make Herbarium File?

    Herbarium Sheets is the part of the practical exam of Bams 2nd year Dravya guna subject and it is mandatory to all students to make herbarium file for there dravyaguna department. It contain marks which is added to practical exam and can improve your overall score in Bams 2nd year result Sheet. 

    Where to Collect Plant for Herbarium?

    In every Ayurveda college there is a botanical garden. The benefit of collecting plants from botanical garden is that you can easily identify the plants by there name plate which will save your time. 

    How to get Details about Herbal Medicinal Plants?

    After collecting the plants you have to write about there Ras panchak like Ras(रस), Virya(वीर्य), Vipak(विपाक), Guna(गुण), Uses(प्रयोग). You Don’t have to worry I have made your job easy. There is a android application which i have used to make my herbarium file. I would thanks the developer of the application for making such a helpful app! – You can download this application form Here; (Download file 1) (Download file 2)

    Download Sample Herbarium file

    Here I have uploaded a bams students herbarium sample file for you. Download Sample Herbarium file from Here; (Download Now)

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