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Hello Students, If you are searching for best the textbooks for bams 3rd year kaumarbhritya (Ayurveda Pediatrics and Modern Books) then you are reading right article. Here we have shared some textbooks for bams 3rd year students Ayurveda and Modern Books review.

textbooks of kaumarbhritya (Ayurveda Pediatrics)

First question arise in every students mind when he/she completed there 2nd prof ‘Which book should i buy?” So you take advice from your seniors and teachers and buy a wrong book. So Read this article before taking anyone advice. This article will clear all your doubts and give you knowledge about kaumarbhritya books available and who is the perfect writer for you.

These are written according to Central Council of Indian Medicine  Syllabus. 

1. Kashyapa Samhita Complete Hindi translation by Satyapal Vidyalankara English translation by Prof. Premvati Tiwari

2. Principles & practice of Pediatrics in Ayurveda: Dr. CHS Shastry

3. Child Health Care in Ayurveda: Prof. Abhimanyu Kumar

4. Ayurvedic Concepts of human Embryology: Prof. Abhimanyu Kumar

5. Kaumarbhritya by Prof. D.N. Mishra

6. Kaumarbhritya Ke Antargata Balgraho Ka Kramika Evam Vaigyanika Adhyana by Prof. Chanchal Sharma

7. Notes on Kaumarbhritya-by Dr. Dinesh K S

8. Pran – Pratyagannanann-by Dr. B.M. Singh

9. Ayurveda Dwara Matra Evam Shishu Paricharya by Dr. KS Patel,V.K.Kori & Raigopal

10. Kaumarbhritya related references from Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita Vagbhata etc.

16. Panchakarma in Pediatrics Dr. Yogita Srivas

Best Book for Modern Pediatrics for Medical Ug Students

Best Book for Pediatrics for Bams, Bhms,  Mbbs, Bums and Bsms Students (AYUSH Students)

1. Clinical Methods in Paediatrics by Meharban Singh

2. Pediatrics Emergencies by Meharban Singh

3. Essential Pediatrics O.P. Ghai

4. Textbook of Pediatrics Nelson

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5. Care of Newborn by Meharban Singh

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