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Top most educational Youtube channel for Bams Students. Educational channel on youtube for studying ayurveda(Bams course). Hello Bams Students, these […]

Top most educational Youtube channel for Bams Students. Educational channel on youtube for studying ayurveda(Bams course).

Hello Bams Students, these are some educational channel where you can study Bams subjects topics and understand them more easily. Many teachers and senior students are teaching on youtube for free many students don’t know about these channel.

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Ayurveda Academy – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel is started by Prof Dr R R Deshpande ,Ayurved & Life Style Management Consultant .This provides Health Information in very simple Language .Playlist will help to select desired Topic .This channel is useful for Medical Students,Medical Teachers,Medical Practitioners .This channel is giving information about Ayurved,Different Diseases & their Treatments,Panchakarma,Ayurvedic Medicines,Yoga,Preparation of Ayurvedic Medicines .Appeal to all to subscribe my channel .

50.6K subscribers

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Indian Ayurvedic Doctor – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel is started by MKS Mahisaini. He is Doing Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery. Here You Can Find All Bams Admission Alert news, Bams 1st year  Paper Syllabus Lecture, Bams 2nd year Paper Syllabus Lecture, Bams 3r year  Pepar Syllabus Lecture, Bams 4th year  Pepar Syllabus Lecture 

32.9K subscribers

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Learning Ayurveda with Dr.Naveen Gautam – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel is started by Dr.Naveen Gautam . He is working for ayurveda make easy with codes & tricks, my moto to enhance stress free learning and promoting AYURVEDA. Hope so these videos will be helpful for students to crack their exams with ease.  Wishes u all grand success in life . Regards.

27.8K subscribers

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AYUSHVANI – Ayurveda Healthcare Education – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel is started by Dr Ajay Gupta & Dr Tina Singhal

Dr Ajay Gupta (BAMS, M.D. (Kayachikitsa), Ph.D. (Kayachikitsa) Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University Varanasi)

Dr Tina Singhal (BAMS, M.D. (Rachana Sharir) Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University Varanasi

Website :-

27.5K subscribers

Vanaprastha Sadhak Ashram – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

On this channel you can understand Padarth vigyan deeply all darshan explained nicely. Not for Bams ug exam only for Bams Pg aspirants.

16.5K subscribers

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Ayurvedic Books and Notes – AyurvedaSidhi – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel is started by Dr Himanshu jha. He Teach Ayurveda to BAMS pg aspirants. Get Ready to Study. He know’s how to make boring lecture super interesting. Let use this platform wisely. Don’t forget to Subscribe so that you don’t miss any video.

15K subscribers

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Ancient-Modern Link – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This is started by Vaidya/Dr. Bhushan Dubey. this channel is for all medical scholars, for learning and sharing their views to make ancient science easy and intresting……..  

Here, also we are working for linking both ancient and morden science to give best possible solution to our patients….

14.9K subscribers

Go to:–k8Tjz-CA/

AyuScholar – E School of Ayurveda – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

AyuScholar- E School of Ayurveda is an online institution for the preparation of Ayurveda entrance exam. Ayuscholar YouTube channel is to help all the AIAPGET  aspirants in their preparation.  

The  channel will help you cover the core important areas of syllabus of AIAPGET , it will  make a strategy to decode the previous question papers , develop your strategy and revise details  and make a study plan that will help you prepare with confidence.

14.2K subscribers

Easy Ayurveda with Vicky – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel started by Vicky from Dehradun. (M a BAMS student) 

He is making these videos as simple as I can so can every student may understand it. In every video there are some simple tricks which help u in easy learning. 

He says “Mera aak hi Aim hai ye videos banane ka ki aap sabhi ko ye video help Kare exam Mai Acha marks laane k liye.”

13.1K subscribers

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BAMS STUDIES – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

All about ayurveda study. Detail not available on youtube. But chanel is good and regular upload bams videos which are very helpfull.

12.3K subscribers

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Dr.R.S. Ayurveda Research Center – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel Started by Dr. R S, Channel made for bams students. His Teaching skill are excellent. This channel is good for bams study. Lectures are easy to understand.
1k subscribers

swarnim ayurveda tutorial – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

10.9K subscribers

Go to:

Being Doctor – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel Started by Dr. Mosan Meena, I’ve a lots of Knowledge About Medical Exams & Since I love this Profession & Want to Give the Best Doctor’s to the Society. So, I Created “Being Doctor” Channel. Do Subscribe to Our Channel & Become The Part Of Being Doctor Family.

9.73K subscribers

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Apta Ayurveda – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

One stop solution for Ayurveda. Remedies, latest buzz, texts and drafts for under-graduation level and everything relating to Ayurveda. 

8.71K subscribers

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BAMS 1st Year – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine. Ayurveda means “the science of life”.
In this channel you can clear your ayurved concepts regarding BAMS 1st Year.

6.18K subscribers

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Ayurmudda chikitsa param dharma – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This channel specifically for the BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) students to make them understand the Ayurvedic & Modern concepts of this course in an easy way.
Aim behind this channel is to provide academic support to the Students of Ayurveda.

5.93K subscribers

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Ayurvedeeya – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

5.1K subscribers

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Divya Ayurvedic Centre BAMS – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

4.87K subscribers

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BAMS Solutions – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

4.98K subscribers

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Charak Ayurved Classes – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

(Complete destination for sure success in Ayurved competitive exams)

Charak Ayurved Classes is an excellent coaching institute for sure success in Ayurved competitive exams. This  institute is devoted for classical learning and education of Ayurved. We prepare our students to crack all the competitive exams of Ayurved such as AIAPGET, AMO, UPSC  exams. Our speciality is  AIAPGET,AMO and Samhita Subjects.

4.4K subscribers

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AP Ayurgange – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This channel is related to the BAMS student or ayurveda student which help to them in their studies with our self making trick and notes.

4.44K subscribers

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SUSURTA – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

#BAMS, #AIAPGET, #Providing Knowledge About Ayurveda,  #Information About Ayurveda, #Ayurvedic Seminars

3.44K subscribers

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Dr. Manojkumar Chaudhari – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel started by Dr. Manojkumar Chaudhari (Ayurveda Teacher & Doctor) M. D. (Ayurveda) Ph. D. (Ayurveda)

3.2K subscribers

Go to:

Med Science by Dr D. L. Choudhary – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

Specially designed lectures for medical students & clinicians. This channel will cover all important topics related to subject as well as topics related to clinical practice. subject wise topics for BAMS students. we guide the student throughout the course as well as prepare them for competitive exams like AIAPGET or state PSE exams. samhita video includes detailed lecture with important questions.  we arrange live classes for ayurveda students.

3.35K subscribers

Go to:

Ayurveda Mnemonic – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel Started by DR. VIJAY KUMAR PATHAK 

2.56K subscribers

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SOUL OF MEDICO BAMS Classes by Prince Kagle – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

 Welcome to SOUL OF MEDICO FREE BAMS   ONLINE CLASSES…..BAMS Students From Government Ayurvedic Collage And Hospital    JALGAON…..

822 subscribers

Go to:

AYURVED KI PATHSHALA – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

आपको इस चैनल पर BAMS के प्रत्येक वर्ष के अन्तर्गत विषयों के पाठ्यक्रम के अनुसार वीडियो लेक्चर उपलब्ध होंगे जो की सरल एवं सटीक ज्ञान से युक्त होंगे और यहाँ पर आपको समय-समय पर देश -विदेश के प्रतिष्ठित वैद्यों के चिकित्सा अनुभव के वीडियो, नये जर्नल्स, एवं व्याधियों पर परिचर्या के वेबिनार भी उपलब्ध रहेंगे वह भी सरल भाषा में |

subscribers NA 

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Dr.Priyanka tripathi – Ayurveda Youtube Channel

This Channel is all about Free Education

subscribers NA 

Go to:

If I miss any channel which should in this Ayurveda Educational YouTube Channel for Bams Students list then comment the channel name and link. I will add it in next update.

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