[PDF] AGADTANTRA (toxicology) notes pdf | अगद तंत्र BAMS 3rd year

AGADTANTRA, VYAVAHAR-AYURVED EVUM VIDHIVAIDYAK (Toxicology) Notes pdf for Bams 3rd year Ayurveda Student. 

agada tantra Notes pdf Bams third year

About Agada Tantra & Vyavahar Ayurveda evum vidhivaidyak

In Bams 3rd there are 5 subjects; AGADTANTRA, SWASTHAVRITTA, PRASUTI TANTRA EVUM STRI ROGA, KAUMARBHRITYA PARICHAYA, CHARAK SAMHITA (UTTARARDHA). So Agada tantra is Toxicology of Ayurveda, Vyavahar Ayurveda is Forensic Medicine of Ayurveda and Vidhivaidyak is Medical jurisprudence of Ayurveda. 

BAMS Third Year Notes; Agada Tantra (Toxicology).

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