MONTHWISE FETAL DEVELOPMENT Here is a Short note on Monthwise Fetal Development. Notes are for Quick Revision and last-minute revision […]


Here is a Short note on Monthwise Fetal Development. Notes are for Quick Revision and last-minute revision for your medical college examination.

1st Month Fetal Development

weight – 1.25 gm

Length – 4 mm

Fetal Growth – Zygote formation, between 7-10 days from the fertilization implantation occurs, the amniotic sac, umbilical cord & yolk sac already beginning to form, eyes, nose, and ears not visible, small buds that will develop into limbs form, vertebral column & canal form, CNS appears

2nd Month Fetal Development

weight – 2-12 gm

Length – 4 cm

Fetal Growth – The heart, neural tube, arms, & legs, liver & other major organs begin to form, Major blood vessels form, by 6th wk heart starts beating, and the  placenta begins to form eyes, ears, mouth & bones also begin to form, brain & cranial nerves begin to form, sex organs begin to become visible, testis begins to descend, Ossification begins

3rd Month Fetal Development

weight – 30 gm

Length – 5.5 cm

Fetal Growth – Development of the heart & all major organs is complete by the end of 3rd month, Sex organs continue to develop but are still difficult to differentiate gender, and formation of the placenta is completed.

4th Month Fetal Development

weight – 250 gm

Length – 22 cm

Fetal Growth – Sex is differentiated, Rudimentary kidneys secrete urine, hair and teeth begin to form, and nasal septum & palate close.

5th Month Fetal Development

weight – 480 gm

Length – 30 cm

Fetal Growth – Lanugo covers the entire body, fetal movements are felt by the mother, Heart sound is perceptible by auscultation, ears are developed, and fingerprints & footprints are developed.

6th Month Fetal Development

weight – 1 kg

Length – 33 cm

Fetal Growth – Immune system is developing, lungs developing, alveoli forming, Skin appears wrinkled, and Vernix caseosa appears.

7th Month Fetal Development

weight – 1.5 kg

Length – 35 cm

Fetal Growth – Bones are fully developed, the fetus has an excellent chance of survival, eyes open and close, testis reaches the inguinal canal

8th Month Fetal Development

weight – 2 kg

Length – 45 cm

Fetal Growth – There is no any new development, Vigorous fetal movements occur, and the fetus is growing & maturing & preparing for life outside the womb.

9th Month Fetal Development

weight – 2.5 kg

Length – 50 cm

Fetal Growth – The face & body have a loose wrinkled appearance because of subcutaneous fat deposit, It is facing head down in preparation for the birth.

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