Ayurveda PG Preparation Tips for BAMS Students & eBooks pdf

Download PDF files for Ayurveda AIAPGET preparation and e-Books for BAMS students. PG Preparation book pdf for Ayurveda Students and study tips.


1. Making own Notes: Notes are very useful for your quick revision. Mention only those things in your notes that you find difficult or important. No need to write every point in your Notes.

2. Avoid Social Media: Mainly students prepare for exams through online coaching and they have to use their phones or laptop for long hours. It is easier to distract on your phone, you can access everything on the internet with a single click. Here you need strong self-discipline. 

3. Take proper sleep: Studying for 4-5 Hours a day may be exhausting. Take proper sleep at night and a short nap in the afternoon.

4. Follow your Schedule: Motivation will help you in starting your preparation but in long run, you should be consistent. So should know what to do now, tomorrow, after a month or 3 months. Scheduling a day and month will also help in tracking your progress.

5. Live Happy: Don’t take too much stress on your studies it will affect your good health. Follow your Schedule honestly.

Ayurveda S@ngraha by Govind P@rikh 

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