[PDF] BAMS First year PREVIOUS year QUESTION PAPERS 2021-2022 with study tips

Get Bams 1st year question papers for Bams ug exam.  Bams stands for Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Bams is a 5 and half year course. In Bams First Year undergraduate course you have to read 5 Subjects i.e. Ashtanga Hridaya, Sanskrit, Padarth Vigyan, Rachna Sharir, and Kriya Sharir. Download all subject previous year question papers. 

Bams 1st year ug previoous year question papers

Download Bams 1st year undergraduate question papers last five previous years only on AyurvedaSidhi.com

Subject Question Papers
Ashtanga Hridhay

Kriya Sharir Download
Padarth Vigyan Download
Rachna Sharir Download
Sanskrit Download

BAMS Question paper 2022 

Tips to Get Better Marks in Bams First Year UG Exams.

1)  Try to make your Own Notes. 

2) Revise them at specific intervals like the 2nd day, 15th day, and 1 month.

3) Try to add slokas in your Answers in exams. 

4) Take proper sleep before the exam and Use exam pressure as your weapon to fight. Exam pressure helps you to study longer hours with focus.

5) Believe in God and Pray Daily in the morning. This brings calmness and your day will be awesome.

6) Analyze the Important Questions asked repetitively in the exam and Mug them up.

7) Take Brain tonics like Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Saraswatarishta, etc. I recommend you ask an Ayurveda Doctor before taking it. Ayurveda is 100 percent Safe.

8) Revision is the only way to get a better mark. Revise every day any time. when you are free start revising when you are traveling start revising. 

9) Try to save time. social media, Instagram Reels, or Youtube Short videos. This will exhaust your energy and consume your hours. 

10) Join the Ayurveda Sidhi Telegram channel to get proper subject-wise handwritten notes of toppers. 

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